Arguflow Vault API Documentation

Use the managed Arguflow Vault API or a self-hosted instance to create, manage, store, and search embeddings for your product or service. We promise that it will be easier than building embedding pipelines from scratch.

Getting started

If you are interested in a managed instance, reach out to us by emailing You can also create a self-hosted instance with the source code on our GitHub.

To engage with the Arguflow community, preferably join our Matrix or your preference of our Discord or Telegram.

Otherwise, if you are in a hurry to start seeing status codes, you can permissionlessly start using the API locally by following our Self-Hosting Guide to stand to vault up on your local machine.



Read about the different types of errors returned by the API.

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Self Hosting

Learn how to self-host Arguflow on your own infrastructure.

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Custom Embedding Models

Learn how to use custom embedding models with Arguflow.

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Custom Card Segmentation

Learn how to design custom card segementers for Arguflow.

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Learn about how to authenticate with the Arguflow API and how to use the access cookie to make requests.


Learn about the card model and how to create, retrieve, update, delete, and query cards.


Learn about the collection model and how to create, retrieve, update, delete, and list collections.


Learn about the user model and how to create, retrieve, update, and delete users and their associated info.


Learn about the vote model and how to upvote, downvote, and unvote cards.


Learn about the file model and how to create, retrieve, update, delete, and list files.


Learn about the notification model and how to retrieve, delete, and mark notifications as read.


Learn about the verification model and how to create verifications.

How to join Matrix

Learn about how to join the Arguflow Matrix server and how to use it.